Packaging & Transportation

We constantly monitor and control
temperature and humidity, ensuring that our
final product reaches the end consumer
achieving the highest quality standards in the
produce industry.

Growing Green

Veggie Prime constantly strives to find new ways to preserve the
natural environment. Our facilities are equipped with the latest
technology available, through which we eliminate factors that affect
our ecosystem.

A few of the different ways we achieve this are:

Recapturing CO2 from our boiler system.
Recycling our drained water and nutrients.
Thermo screens that preserve heat while reducing the need for fuels.
Using only naturally grown bumble bees for pollination, beneficial
insects for pest control.

Food Safety

Veggie Prime understands consumer´s concerns about food safety.
We offer a controlled environment from growth through production, storage and

We strive to be an industry leader. All our operations are certified by
independent third parties, that assesses every aspect related to food
safety, sanitation, maintenance, employee training and pest control.

Research & Development

We are committed to researching new products and
techniques to offer the best possible taste and quality to end